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Serial Killer


DATE: 29/10/2019



There are lot of ports opened that seemed to run java applications.


If we look at the application running at port 80 we can see some note taking app.

I didn’t spent anytime on this since there was java service running all over this machine. Also in one way the name of the machine is the hint to what kind of attack this could be. Serialkiller hint toward some kind of Object De-Serialization. And as we saw in the namp scan there were ports doing some Java Object Serialization. So instead of looking around the website I decided to use Jexboss. It’s a tool that look for Java Deserialization Vulnerabilities.

I ran python jexboss.py -host and it found some vulnerabilities.

Then it offered to exploit those vulnerability to get a reverse shell, so I let jexboss do it’s job :-)

And my listener was running on that which basically gave me reverse shell on the machine.

The first thing I did was grabbed a user.txt from /home/toor

Privelege escaltion

I download the enumeration script to see if I can find something but I couldn’t see anything interesting in it.

Then I started to look around in the /home/toor directory since there was some jboss files and a folder named jboss-6.1.0.Final.

In /home/toor/jboss-6.1.0.Final/server/default/conf/props I found some files named jmx-console-users.properties etc.

That file had the password for root user.