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DATE: 1/05/2019



We can see that there are HTTP service running on 2 ports. Let’s start our enumeration from port 80


We can see that there is a Visti Us link which takes us to rubbish.dev. Opening that just takes us to another simple web page.

Since both of these didn’t had any information I decided to run gobuster on it.

When I tried to open /javascript I got forbidden message. Then I decided to use dig because I noticed that there was a DNS server running on port 53.

So I ran

$ dig axfr rubbish.dev @

administrativepanel.rubbish.dev dbst0rage.rubbish.dev

Now according to author he made the machine before Google bought .dev domain. So now if we try to open that in our browser it will redirect to HTTPS and that will cause a problem. So I decided to use httpie or curl.

We can see that it talks about some plesk software/application so I decided to search it for exploit using searchsploit and found some vulnerability but the issue was I was not sure of what version that plesk was. After spending