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DATE: 9/10/2019



So quite a few ports open. Let’s start our enumeration from HTTP services.


I started running nikto scan on the port 80 and 20000, that showed that port 20000 allowed TRACE http method but there were no cookie or anything like that there so I could’nt use it.

With gobuster I found aspnet_client directory on port 80

When I ran another scan on IP/aspnet_client I found another directory

But after that I got nothing and none of those directory had anything in them. Then I ran gobuster scan on port 20000 and that’s where I found few 200 and few 301 directory.

The interesting one was the /platform one because there I found manhali running.

After looking at this kind of software running I searched it with searchsploit and found Manhali 1.8 - Local File Inclusion.

It said that there was LFI on /manhali/includes/download.php?f=../includes/dbconfig.php.

I tried to include the same file and it worked.

➜ http -b\?f\=../includes/dbconfig.php

But I was confused with how to use this vulnerability properly. Then after sometime I decided to just look around the platform. If we look at the articles one of the article mentions about guest login.

So I used guest:guest as credentials and I was able to login.

In the file manager section I found out that there was a docx file present so I decided to check it out.

I downloaded the file from and it had some information about some vhost file.

This could mean that we need to use LFI to see this file i.e C:\wamp64\bin\apache\apache2.4.37\conf\extra

I read that file using the LFI

We can see that there is a new domain monerosandbox.katana.wizard and also there is a folder name /scannerformonero.