Vulnhub - Matrix-v3 writeup

Matrix 3

Author: unknowndevice64


There’s a HTTP server running and an SSH server on port 6464. Also there’s another HTTP server on 7331 but seems like it has authentication.

Let’s start with HTTP


There’s a nice looking website.

Source of that page had nothing. But as we can see that the website says Follow the white rabbit. Maybe we need to find a white rabbit.

I started gobuster on the main URL and found some pages:

If we visit the /assets/img there’s a file named Matrix_can-show-you-the-door.png and that image is of a white rabbit. So maybe we are on the right track.

Now before we do some analysis on that image lets checkout that /Matrix/ Page.

So there are lot of links. Using wget I recursively downloaded all those diectory. You can do that by running:

➜ wget --recursive --no-parent

Okay these are lot of files so I don’t think I was supposed to download them like this 😜

I realized that all these directory were just to confuse us and the directory listing we should be looking into is /n/e/o for obvious reasons. After few minutes I found something on Matrix/n/e/o/6/4/, it was a link to a gzip file.

Actually it was with the .gz extension but it wasn’t gzip. It was simple ascii text file. Running cat on it I got some creds:


That is the md5 hash which is equivalent to passwd.

Note:: You can use websites like or crackstation to crack that md5.

So we have the credentials admin:passwd but not sure where to login.

If you remember the nmap scan we had another HTTP server running on port 7331. Let’s check that out.

HTTP: 7331

As we try to visit the page it ask for password, we can use the creds we found i.e admin:passwd and we are in.

Again on this website I found a path /assests and again in the img/ I found an image saying p0rt_31337 and opening that image I found a white rabbit. So maybe we are not supposed to find white rabbit but instead it resembles that we are on the right path.

But port 31337 is closed. I tried looking for something else for a while which might give me some hint about the port: 31337 but I couldn’t. Then I decided to run dirsearch on this website.

➜ python -u -e * --header "Authorization: Basic YWRtaW46cGFzc3dk" -w dir-small.txt

NOTE: I didn’t used gobuster because I couldn’t figure out how to add headers to it. In dirsearch we have an option for that.

In robots.txt there was a path /data.

There was file named data. I downloaded the file and it was a

data: PE32 executable (GUI) Intel 80386 Mono/.Net assembly, for MS Windows

When I opened the file I got:

We can open this file in ghidra and see if we can find anything.

Thanks to @Andreas for suggesting me to use ghidra


I was confused on how and where to look and actually what to look for. But thanks to @DCUA7 for letting me know that we are looking for credentials.

Just run ghidra and

  • open the data file in the code browser of ghidra.
  • On the left hand side you’ll notice a section called symbol tree click on that
  • In that open Labels and then click on CLI_Stream_#US.

Scroll a bit and you’ll see credentials



I logged in via SSH using those credentials and it was a rbash shell.

Just gonna use the trick that I always use i.e -t "bash --noprofile" ezpz :)

Now we have a proper shell, let’s just use our enumeration script and see what we can find.

I got some other users:

and for some reason I found insane amount of SUIDs

and if we checkout the sudo rights we see:

we can run cp as trinity. Now we need to find a file which can be worth copying :)

I ran

guest@matrix:/home/trinity/.ssh$ find / -user trinity 2>/dev/null

and got some files:

Few files that can bear us something important are .bashrc, /mail/trinity, .ssh/xxx or instead of copying anything from trinity how about we copy something into trinity’s directory. We can put a SSH key into trinity’s .ssh folder and then login as trinity.

To do so:

  • use ssh-keygen command to generate new keys
  • run chmod 777 or else you won’t be able to copy it.
  • use sudo -u trinity /bin/cp ./ /home/trinity/.ssh/authorized_keys
  • then do ssh trinity@IP -p 6464 -i id_rsa

Thanks to @DCAU7 for helping with this. I was doing it all wrong I was copying the private key i.e id_rsa which shouldn’t be the way.

It took me more than 2 hours to figure out a way to use /bin/cp for priv escalation.

After this I checked the trinity's sudo right.

This shows that trinity can run /home/trinity/oracle with root privileges but the surprising thing is that there’s no file name oracle in trinity’s home directory.

I was again lost on this part. But then again the GREAT @DCAU7 saved me by givig a hint. He said correct It doesn not exists and thats when it clicked that if it doesn’t then I can make it and it will be executed as root.

So I ran:

echo "/bin/sh" > oracle

chmod that and run it to get the root shell.

Took me more than a day to root it

Thanks to