Vulnhub - Joy writeup


Author: Donavan


DAMN!!!… Insane amount of ports are opened.

We have FTP, SMB, HTTP and email services running. Since FTP allows anonymous login let’s start with that.


After logging in I found two directory. One of them was empty and another was quite full.

Let’s get all those files and see what we can find in them.

When I cat all the project file I got something that made sense and something that didn’t.

In the directory file I found the output of ls -la in a directory.

and in the reminder file I got a reminder

One thing to notice here is that we have read/write permission in /upload directory. So maybe we can use cpfr & cpto command to get the files from the patrick's home directory to there and then find some information.

To do so connect to FTP using telnet i.e telnet IP 21 and use the following commands:

site cpfr /path-of-file/folder-to-copy
site cpto /path-where-to-copy

Since we can see a folder named .ssh we can simply copy that folder to /upload directory in FTP to get the SSH key.

But that didn’t worked because the folder I got was empty so maybe that is just redherring.

The next file/folder that looked worth of something was version_control. It might contain some information about the FTP version.

NOTE: If you haven’t noticed yet then let me tell you. We can’t see the version of FTP running. If you look at the nmap scan there is no version mentioned. When we connect to ftp we can see a version banner. If we try to run status command after connecting even then the line that contains the version is missing.

I downloaded the file after copying it.

That file contained a note about ProFTPd and it’s version.

The whole message is kind of refering to exploiting FTPlike the We should switch to OpenSSH and upgrade ProFTPd.

I used searchsploit to find the exploit for it and saw that there is one for metasploit.

We can run msfconsole and then look for the exact one to use.

I changed the RHOSTS and SITEPATH in the exploit options

After running this exploit I got a shell

We can run python -c 'import pty; pty.spawn("/bin/sh")' to spwan a TTY shell.

Privilege escalation

I decided to first checkout the ossec folder to see if I can find any config file with password or something like that.

I found file name patricksecretsofjoy which had credentials for users.

credentials for JOY:

yeah for a second I thought that this is actually the root password and the first thing I tried was su root but it didn’t work.

But the password for patrick account worked and I was able to escalate from www-data to patrick.

After that I checked whether patrick's sudo right by running sudo -l

I tried cd into the /home/script but I got permission denied.

I ran sudo -u root ./script/test and got some weird output:

But as we can see it didn’t do what it said it will do.

One thing I was sure of was that we’ll have to exploit this test file. It took me a while to figure out how to actually do it.

We can use ftp cpfr & cpto to place a file into the script directory and if that works we can get the shell.

I made a file named test by running:

echo "/bin/sh" > test

I then placed the file in the /upload folder on FTP

Now we can use telnet to transfer to /home/script folder.

I was scared that this might fail 😌😌

Now we can just execute this file as sudo ./script/test to get the root shell.

And then we get the root flag.

Also the author's secret

This was really good machine, I mean so many ports were opened and all we needed was FTP.

Thanks to Donavan for this joyful machine ;-)

I will be doing all the other machines for sure because this one was really a JOY.

Thanks for reading, Feedback is always appreciated.

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