Vulnhub - WestWild writeup


Author: Hashim Alsharef


Okay so other then HTTP and SSH we have SMB. So let’s just start with that.


So I logged into the wave share and found 2 files there.

I downloaded both the files by using the get command.

The FLAG1.txt had the first flag and credentials for the user wavex


And the message file had a message ;-)

Privilege escalation

With the credentials we found in FLAG1.txt we can login via SSH.

Since I was in the system I ran the enumerations script but found nothing interesting. I tried to check the sudo right with sudo -l but wavex didn’t had any.

Then I decided to check all the directories that are editable by wavex

  • find / -writeable -type d 2>/dev/null

There was this interesting dir usr/share/av/westsidesecret/. In there I found a file which had credentials for aveng.


I su to aveng using the credentials.

Then I checked it’s sudo rights and this user was allowed to run all the command.

So I did sudo su to become root.

Now get the damn flag.

It’s definitely a good box for beginners, especially getting the root part should be fun.

Thanks to @hashimalshareff for this cute little box :-)

Thanks for reading, Feedback is always appreciated.

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