Vulnhub - Broken-Gallery writeup

Broken: Gallery

Author: Avraham Cohen


Only two ports are open. We’ll just start with HTTP service.


There are multiple images and a readme file. I tried doing some steganography on the images to see if I can find anything but got nothing.

I ran dirsearch on the website to see if we can find any hidden page but nothing.

Then in the source of gallery.html I noticed being refered. So I decided to shift my focus on the Readme file. It seemed like hex values so I used CyberChef to decoded them as hex but it gave some junk data.

Then I tried to decoded it with charcode and I got out data which was a JPG file.

I downloaded it and this is what that image looked like

Since it gives us a username Bob I decided to try to login as bob on SSH with random passwords like Broken or Mountain etc. Then I decided to change the username from bob to broken since the image we recovered emphasize on the word Broken and the creds broken:broken finally worked.

Privilege escalation

Instead of running any enumeration script the first thing I checked was sudo rights. The user broken could run reboot and timedatectl.

I tried searching gtfobin for any of those but couldn’t find any.

So I kept looking around and in the .bash_history I found some interesting command.

There is a file name in /etc/init.d/

I cat that file and found creds for root


If you try to su to root account with these creds it won’t work 😄😄 The script says that If the current DAYOFWEEK is 4 i.e Thursday the credentials will become what we found. Basically we need to use timedatectl to change the DAYOFWEEK and then reboot.

$ sudo timedatectl set-time '2019-08-22 07:56'

Now run sudo reboot to reboot the machine.

NOTE: After running the reboot command you will be disconnected from the machine. reconnect to machine and use the credentials we found for root.

I SSH into the machine, again and then just su root using the password TodayIsAgoodDay.

It’s an easy machine but I liked the Privilege escalation. It was very new and interesting. Thanks to Cohen for this machine.

Thanks for reading, Feedback is always appreciated.

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