Connect the dots writeup

Box Author: Sumit Verma


There are lot of RPC port opened. Other than that we can see that SSH service is running but not on 22 but instead on 7822. There is FTP service on and our good old HTTP service.

We can see that there is nfs so let’s mount that and try to play with it.


We can see that there is a /home/morris which can be mounted by anyone.

We can do the following to mount it:

$ mkdir /home/dots
$ sudo mount -t nfs /home/dots

This will give you that share in /home/dots.

We can see that there are .ssh/ so I copied the id_rsa and tried to use it to login via SSH into morris account but for some reason it didn’t work.

So We moved on.


This website gives some background/story line of two brother morris and norris. Without reading ahead I ran gobuster on it to see if I find anything.

There are two directory one is /backups and the other one is /mysite. On /backups I found the backups.mp4 which didn’t had anything interesting in it. And on /mysite I found few files out of which /register.html takes us to a form.

I decided to look in the source of that page and found bootstrap.min.cs which had the very interesting thing in it, some jsfuck code.

We used jsfuck decoder this to decrypt it.


I used this password with norris as username on SSH and I was able to log in.

and then I grabbed the user flag.

Privilege escalation

I ran the enumeration script and found a SUID file.

I didn’t knew how to use mount.nfs to escalate priveleges but then @theart42 said that we can run a nfs server on our system and share a folder which will contain a setuidThanks for reading, Feedback is always appreciated.

Follow me @0xmzfr for more “Writeups”. file. Once it will be mounted on the victim machine we can run it to get the root shell.

Sadly we tried this method but couldn’t get it working.

So we kept looking around, in /ftp/files we found a file named games.jpg.bak which had morse code in strings.

cracked it using cyberchef


Download it via webserver meaning IP/.secretfile.swp that will download the file and then we can cat it.


Then I did su morris to become morris. At this point we were stuck for quite sometime because we couldn’t find anything to escalate the priveleges. Then out of blue @theart42 found a way to root it.

He said that tar is allowed to read the /root so we can compress the root directory and then untar it to get the root flag, but all this has to be done as norris and not as morris

We can see that tar is set to /usr/bin/tar = cap_dac_read_search+ep so we can compress the /root directory using this.

And then we can read the root flag.

This isn’t really a hard machine but it was still kind of fun to do because of lot of rabbit holes. Like that mount.nfs being given as SUID, we thought of mounting a nfs share on the system which will contain a root setuid. But that didn’t seemed to work. We completely missed the tar in our enumeration process.

All in all it was a fun box to do. Thanks to the author for this box. Also amazing teamwork by @theart42.

Thanks for reading, Feedback is always appreciated.

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