EVM writeup

Box Author: Ic0de


We can see that there are some email services like pop and imap. Then there is SMB service and we also have a DNS running along with the common SSH and HTTP service.

We’ll start enumerating with SMB.


We don’t see any share there, also no unique user was found. So let’s move on to HTTP service.


When we visit the IP we get a normal Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page. So the first thing I did was to use gobuster

With that I was able to find the /wordpress directory. Since it’s wordpress the very first thing I did was to run wpscan to see if it’s vulnerable to something.

wpscan did find a vulnerablity and one user

I didn’t had to exploit that vulnerability to get the shell on the system. On one of the blog post I found the comment saying the host is super vulnerable

So I ran a bruteforce attack against the user found and I was able to crack the password in few minutes.


Once I was able to log in, I directly went to edit the theme and there in 404.php I found a note.

Once I copy pasted my php reverse shell code there I ran

➜ http

and got the reverse shell on my listener which was started by running: nc -nlvp 4444

Privilege escalation

Since I had the shell I decided to look into the user directory and guess what I found, the damn root password.

The password was willy26. I did su root to become root

Kinda good beginner box.

Thanks for reading, Feedback is always appreciated.

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